Active Vibration Control Actuators from Motran Industries, Inc

Motran Industries, Inc. prides itself in keeping pace with the next new motion control technology in the emerging field of Active Vibration Control. Our High Force Actuators are installed on over 700 mid to large class Helicopters, with a 100% on-time delivery, and Sigma 6 reliability status. We design, develop, and manufacture ultra-high performance linear actuators in house, for vibration control applications. Motran’s active vibration control actuators are unique in that they have high output-to-weight ratios, no wearing parts such as bearings or bushings, and require no lubrication for the service life of the device.
Active Vibration Control

How We Make It Possible

At Motran, we use cutting-edge materials, components, and test systems, to manufacture actuators that have notably high performance characteristics. Even when used in the toughest conditions, our actuators are surprisingly robust while still offering a service life that is much longer than other comparable actuator technologies. Our actuators have shown a service life of 3,000 Flight Hours or more, under rigorous mission conditions.
With these decidedly superior features, our active vibration control actuators are the product of choice in the Rotorcraft industry and other mission-critical , Military, Aerospace, Automotive and Industrial applications.
In addition to our standard range of actuators, Motran can produce fully customized actuators to meet exacting specifications. The performance data listed below, is for currently produced actuators. For additional requirements required by your applications, please contact our engineering department, using the link below.
Actuator Mass
Natural Freq.
Operating Freq.
Force Output
20.6 21.8 22.1 3,040
15.0 20.3 20.9 1,830
11.8 25.3 24.7-25.2 3,177
13.4 25.3 24.7-25.2 4,162