Bi-stable Actuators
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Model AFX10-100
Rated Force (Push / Pull) N 2
Holding Force N 2
Max continuous Power @ Te=20ºC W 1.0
Coil Temp at max. W @ Te=20ºC ºC 120
Force Constant N/ amp .3
Temp. Coef. Magnet per ° C .0010
Temp. Coef. Resistance per °C .00393
Temp. Coef. Coil Watt/ ºC .009
Max. Coil Temp. ºC 120
Resistance at 20ºC Ohm 3.3
Inductance mH .3
Max. Armature stroke mm 9
Armature weight gram 1.8
Total Weight Kg .012
Diameter x Length mm x  mm 11 x 26
Magnet Type   NdFeB-b
Stray magnetic field, max. Tesla .005
Armature Support   Sleeve brng.
Shaft extension one side mm 9