Quality Statement
Quality Improvement’ is a fundamental business strategy and way of life for Motran Industries Inc., and is the means by which we will ensure our success and the success of our customers.
‘Quality’ is providing our internal and external customers with products and services that fully satisfy their requirements. All employees are responsible for understanding their customer’s requirements and the processes by which they are made, and by performing their processes as defined.
‘Improvement’ is bringing about new levels of process performance. All employees are empowered to initiate process improvements and are expected to participate in formal improvement activities, with supportive participation from all levels of management.
This quality policy has been established by the management of Motran Industries Inc. To insure that it is understood and implemented at all levels of the organization, the quality policy will be explained and discussed during the general orientation of new employees; this review will be repeated annually and / or after revisions to the quality policy. The policy shall be posted in conspicuous locations throughout Motran facilities
Quality objectives and improvement plans shall be established and documented by the management of Motran Industries during the annual planning process. Results shall be reviewed by Motran management each month.