About Us
Motran Industries, Inc. is a designer, developer and manufacturer of high performance inertial, linear, and rotary force actuators, bi-stable actuators and acoustic transducers. Motran has provided actuator solutions which were not previously feasible due to the inadequate performance or the excessive cost of existing actuators. Applications for these electro- magnetic products come from technology advances in motion control and the emerging fields of Active Noise and Vibration Control. These highly linear actuators are very cost effective as compared to competing technologies and offer a high output force to size relationship that favors many applications. Output forces of less than a pound to more than 500 pounds can be achieved in actuators that measure 1.3 to 45 cubic inches, respectively. Larger and smaller actuators can be readily made to suit customer requirements. Our product summary lists many of our actuators, however new actuators and variations of current actuators can be readily made for specific customer applications. Therefore, please call if you have a specific requirement that is not covered in our product list.
Motran has also developed a line of high temperature tolerant loudspeakers that can withstand hostile environments and operating temperatures of over 500 degrees F. These speakers are made to operate in environments that would quickly deteriorate conventional speakers. Motran Actuators and High Temperature Tolerant Loudspeakers have proven to be very durable in extended life testing with billions of cycles of trouble free operation.
Motran offers engineering services for the design and development of actuators and High Temperature Tolerant Loudspeakers to meet specific customer applications and performance requirements. In many cases Actuator Prototypes can be quickly developed for specific customer applications.